Top 3 Fashion Trends Of Summer 2018

The fashion month has come to an end and as we bid adieu to this 2018 summer, let us recount the trends that shone the most and will make a comeback next summer as well. So, anyone looking to prepare themselves for the next summer should read till the end.

A nightmarish year in many aspects, 2018 has seen a lot of pitfalls in terms of politics, shootings, wars and almost everything else that too in less than half of the year except for fashion. This seems to be the only savior in the trying times. The fashion designers opted to react to this gloomy year with bright colored clothes ranging in all types of colors that would leave all the black and white color lovers in awe.

Have a look below, to know about the top 3 trends of summer 2018 that will be seen the next year

  • Dad hats

Something that we despised in childhood has come back to bite us in the back and that are the dad hats. These used to be a source of distaste and more often than not seen on the heads of the plumbers, postmen and other people who probably got it for free from some event. But now, these hats made of light cloth with embroidery in the front have become a very prominent fashion statement.

And yes, it is going to be in trend, the next year as well. This dad hat has been made famous by the hip-hop music and this trend has picked up pace and men and women alike are falling for it. With several options to choose from, anyone can get one for themselves. The best part about these hats is that you can use them whenever as season would not affect its functionality. If you are looking to buy one for yourself then have a look at the ones below and choose the best one for yourself or a loved one.

  • Fanny packs, 

Another one of those 80’s fashions that we would have liked to keep in the 80’s is the fanny packs. But the colorful texture and the beautiful yet elegant look that the designers have provided to this old invention has left us stunned. It definitely looks much better than an old belt bag of dad’s and many people would still be rocking it in the next year as well. Even when the belt itself screams fanny pack, designers like Marc Jacobs have made it chic enough to be worn by all the women around the world.

Moments like these are a source of delight for people looking to stuff all the important things in a single place without having to worry about the problem of carrying a bag on their shoulder throughout the day. All the campers and nature lovers y have this in their wardrobe no matter what. So if you are planning a trip or just want something that will make carrying a lot of things easier, choose one from the link provide underneath.

  • Sheer clothing

It is definitely a bold trend that is liked by many but has left some shocked. Not everyone has the ability to pull off the completely sheer clothing only truly covering the important parts of the body but from 100% transparency to 80% opacity, the options are abundant. If you cannot dream of wearing completely transparent clothing, opt for the sheer cloth that would still give a fashion vibe without taking away your comfort.

The factor to be considered here is that you need to know all the options available on the runway and then choose the one that best suits your personality and comfort zone. This choice is making the trend last and many people have decided to be bold about it. If you are looking to buy one then here are a few selected items that you can choose from. Have a look at the gallery and see what matches your needs.

This year, functionality seems to win as all 3 major trends are serving their purpose effectively and are being used for their function first and trend later. Do you agree with our pick or disagree let us know in the comment section below.

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