Rentrip branches out into the adventure tourism after 2 years

Rentrip started in the town of Fatehpur but now has become one of the most gigantic bikes renting firms in the entire country. Many customers have opted for this company in order to rent bikes that are exclusively available in this firm. The passion for bikes comes easily to the Mr. Agam Raghav and Shailza Singh who started the business in 2016. A vast range of bikes is being rented in 45+ cities by them in just 2 years. They work through an online portal from where one can get a bike of their choice. The company recently took to adventure tourism after 2 years of work as a bike rental service provider.

With many people, including Mrs. India in their clientele, their credentials are top-notch. There is a wide range of clientele that comes to Rentrip including youngsters, middle-aged people, women, and men. The branching out is a smart move as the demand for guided tours of places that give a chance to feel the blood pumping through the veins has increased marginally. Rentrip is the right choice for the people who wish to ride the bikes of their dreams without having to buy them in order to do so.

People especially youngsters are looking for places in India that have not yet been explored and Rentrip is giving them the chance to do exactly they want to do. Two-wheelers have become the choice of the younger lot mainly because it gives you a chance to see the world with your own eyes, without the filter that the air-conditioned car’s windows provide.

The services provided by Rentrip are world-class and they truly commit to their end of the bargain. It is not just the bike that you get with Rentrip but also provides the renter with helmets and roadside assistance in case of some kind of situation with the bike. The paperwork that needs to be done is minimal and to make this luxurious experience even posher, they even provide a lounge where you can stay and cook free of cost. Lastly, the most important part of the rental service, the bikes options include the most recent models of bike and even those rough and tough old bullets that many long to drive. These bikes are serviced regularly to ensure that the renter does not come across any problem.

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