10 Facts about Trekking Hill Of Annapurna in Nepal

Do you want to experience beauty of the Circuit trekking Annapurna in Nepal. If yes, you are not alone there are various others who want to enjoy the beauty of this place. This trek will work along with the incredible region of Annapurna and be awed by Nepalese Himalayas. This type of snow-capped peaks, isolated communities, mist-shrouded valleys, and remote monasteries will be inspiring those with a spirit and will be yearning for a perfect nature experience. Reaching altitudes of additional than 5,000 m, find out the ancestral tradition of the local people and immerse yourself totally in the stunning mountain wilderness of Annapurna Circuit.

How to reach trekking hill of Annapurna in Nepal

You will be starting from Kathmandu, Nepal and will be ending over there only. These hills involve Walking & Trekking. It is further advisable to get full information about a particular journey. A guide can further help you in this regard. A proper planning will help you in this regard.

Why we will love this trip, Will this trip became a perfect trip for you?

  1. You will find that it is helping Nepal get back on track by returning as the country, which it was. You will discover how Kathmandu will yet remains a destination legendary in the post-earthquake continues rebuilding.
  2. The Annapurna hill is characteristically hiked in a counter-clockwise direction. You can hike the AC in clockwise direction, save for you will not recommend it – overhaul Throng la Pass will be more tricky going clockwise in it. This way will be taking 19 days to trek.
  3. A just a ‘normal’ day was 6-8 hours extended, with shortest day of 4 hours and longest being 10. We will be experienced trekkers who know limitations and when we would need to give a rest.
  4. Once you will join this trip you will find how history of prosperous hilltop which was once Bandipur trading town, lost to minds of travelers and used to delight its wander
  5. You will get the chance to trek the mighty hill peak of Annapurnas and you can further uncover a separate side of the Himalayas.
  6. Apart from this terraced rice fields of Annapurnas, and rhododendron oak forests, which are surrounded by snow-capped stunning peaks
  7. If you want to conquer by climbing to the peak point on the Circuit Annapurna, crossing Pass at the height of 5,416 meters. Soak up the beautiful views of mountains mastered while you will be relaxing Lake of Pokhara’s Phewa.
  8. This trip of Annapurna in Nepal involves 11 day trek at a very high altitude (up to a height of 5,000 meters) –acclimatization and precautions will be undertaken, though be conscious of the effects height can have.
  9. An outstanding level of fitness is essential on this trip, with trek of up to 9 hours a day at elevated altitude.
  10. Staying facility on this way will be a simple teahouse for you that will further allow you to get the friendly spirit of the Nepalese.
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